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AKD-8 Low-Voltage Switchgear
Mfg: GE Published: 1982 Version: GEA-10264A 28 pages
... the in s creasing industry emphasiData in power distribution and profuture needs for safety, re ... Posi motor starting and automatic tive, controlled closing pre-throwover. ... The power ciroperates with one main a step further in the substa cuit breakers have been co breaker open, and one ... Add to My Library
GE Distribution Equipment Buy Log Supplement
Mfg: GE Published: 1983 Version: GEP-1100E-S 79 pages
... label and carton revisions, several distribution equipment products which meet the ... Panelboards and AV-Line and Power Break Switchboards are variable assembly products which can be ... Main Breaker Rating ... 14 Complete Device (Main Bkr Included) Cat. ... Main Main Branch 1 -pole 2-pole Add to My Library
General Electric Photographic Lamp and Equip.
Mfg: GE Published: Version: 204-31308 68 pages
color-corrected filter Camera Power Source Benefit ... uniform light distribution, reduced hot spotting, glare ... 2000 Flashcubes & Hi-Power Cubes GE Flashcube And Hi-Power Cube General Electric produces a high ... uniform screen image precision beam control whiter and brighter light Add to My Library
Intelligent Platforms Control Solutions
Mfg: GE Published: 2010 Version: GFA-406G 342 pages
Control – one control engine and one development environment for multiple hardware platforms . ... of machine level automation. Visualization, motion control, and execution logic are ... They are built to support the high-power PACSystems power supplies along with the latest technology in ... Add to My Library
Projection Lamp Catalog
Mfg: GE Published: 1993 Version: 204-01016 91 pages
This column shows the rated power consumption (watts) of the lamp at its design ... abbreviations are used in the spectral distribution does not conform to that of lamp ... Con. MR-13Q 2-Pin MR-16 Q 2-Pin MR-11 MR-11 ... uniform screen image precision beam control whiter and brighter light Add to My Library
Power Break Switchboards and Switchboards Unit
Mfg: GE Published: 1979 Version: GEA-10258 40 pages
... bus system e features vertical and main bus joints with removablPOWER BREAK breakers are mounted in individual . ... Power Break devices have been tested, and are listed for reverse feeding. ... Transition Main Sub-main © Feeders ... M Meters MAIN AND TIE DEVICES, UTILITY COMPARTMENTS Add to My Library
WavePro Low Voltage Power Circuit Breakers
Mfg: GE Published: 2004 Version: DEP-080A 0604 BL 20 pages
Power Circuit Breakers – One Step At a Time . . . . . . . . . . . . .2 ... Step 10 Breaker Item List Price, GO-128W ... and communica-tions; MicroVersaTrip PM adds relaying, metering and communications. ... selective interlock module, Type TIM1 (120Vac control voltage), List Price $402.00, ... Add to My Library
Pumping Panels Combination Starters
Mfg: GE Published: 2009 Version: GEP-762E 0509 14 pages
Mag-Break Type With Thermal Overload Relay Relay Class 20 Combination Starters Includes complete starter with circuit breaker, H-O-A selector switch, START push button, and three-leg ambient ... the Electrical Distribution business including pushbuttons, relays, contactors and transformers. Add to My Library
Distribution Equipment Buy Log
Mfg: GE Published: 1983 Version: GEP-1100E 337 pages
... ampere breakers.-Section 4 New Power Break® drawout assembly. Smaller, improved de sign.- ... Main Breaker Modules from Table 3B, page 47. 4. ... Meter Module Tenant Main Feeder Circuit Breakers Breaker Amp ... Tripping-Trips incoming service entrance main circuit breaker by remote control. Add to My Library
GE Lighting Selection Guide
Mfg: GE Published: 1990 Version: Form 9200 20th Edition 124 pages
election Guide ... for Quality ... Power Groove* Lamps & 1500MA T-12 Lamps . . 98 & 99 Rapid Start Diazo, Germicidal 102 Rapid Start F-30 T-12 Lamps 89 & 90 Watt-Miser' Rapid Start F-40 Lamps 9 0 & 91 ... Values are based on a large number of representative lamps under controlled conditions. Add to My Library
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