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Modular Metering
Mfg: GE Published: 1983 Version: GEA-9757 24 pages
Meter Mod II Furnish (main breaker) (fusible main switch) (main lugs only) main modules for field assembly to the meter modules. ... Main lug only modules to have line and neutral lugs factory installed. ... Meter compartments to contain a minimum of ... Branch Clrcuil Breakers Breaker Type Add to My Library
Distribution Equipment Buy Log
Mfg: GE Published: 1983 Version: GEP-1100E 337 pages
Breaker Modules from Table 3B, page 43. 4. ... Main Breaker Modules from Table 3B, page 47. 4. ... Breakers rated above 125 amps should be used with 200-amp sock ets. ... Tripping-Trips incoming service entrance main circuit breaker by remote control. ... Circuit Breaker and Meter Base . Add to My Library
GE Distribution Equipment Buy Log Supplement
Mfg: GE Published: 1983 Version: GEP-1100E-S 79 pages
Metering; TL240 Load Center; TC Compact and Double Throw Switches; Manual Motor ... Service Entrance/Modular Metering—Section 1 Load Centers and Branch Breakers Plug-in Breakers ... Main Breaker Rating ... Main Lugs Only—Depth 3-3/4 Inches —22,000 Amps RMS Symmetrical Short Circuit Rating Add to My Library
Panelboards Type CCB Circuit Breaker
Mfg: GE Published: 1983 Version: GEA-6739 F 10 pages
Main Lugs 1200 Amperes Max. Main Circuit Breaker 1200 Amperes Max. ... (page 8). ©Specify number of cables. © Branch breaker of same frame type as main breaker may be located opposite this main breaker. ... Distribution panelboardOn arfe th alel primary functions of an se o duty cycle, ... Add to My Library
Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters GTR/CB3
Mfg: GE Published: 1983 Version: GEA-10664B 12 pages
The main breaker, it would react to the accumulation of normal quires ground fault ... device? the main breaker. Also, Conventional circuit breakers individual circuit protection and fuses are ... when the breaker senses a fault condition. ... Power Break Installation Instructions GEH-2638A Add to My Library