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Ringless Meter Socket Load Centers
Mfg: GE Published: 2015 Version: DEE-588A 2 /15 2 pages
These new models meet the latest requirements from Georgia Power. ... Key Product Changes Ringless meter cover Single latch centrally located hasp on Meter cover ... C B B C Breaker Symbol Main Ampere ... – UL Georgia Power UL Georgia Power UL Georgia Power UL Georgia Power Field installed Add to My Library
Arc Flash Hazards
Mfg: GE Published: 2015 Version: DEA-478C 1/15 8 pages
When breakers and equipment temporarily change the instantaneous trip to lower levels, ... Metering, waveform capture, protective relays, Modbus and ... modules that include: monitoring, power analytics, energy tracker, and control and automation. Meter in a Box (MIB) GE’s 480V Meter in a ... Add to My Library
SG Series UPS 10 150 kva High Efficiency Systems
Mfg: GE Published: 2015 Version: DEA-567, Rev. 3/15 12 pages
We invent, improve and integrate communications, automation and power delivery technologies to enable ... ’s RPA technology is implemented by distributing the control electronics within each UPS module in the ... Distributed Control Logic Each module in an RPA system has its own operational ... Add to My Library
Definite Purpose Contactors
Mfg: GE Published: 2015 Version: 2.15 DET-833A 8 pages
T wo-speed controllers incorporate a compact, integrated interlock ... Operating Temperature: -25° C to 40° C Power Terminal – P ressure Type: 16-8 AWG, ... Maximum Circuit Breaker Rating Amps 15 ... Refer to Control Catalog GEP-1260 for assembled DP starter, 2-speed contactor version Add to My Library
AC Power Products Overview
Mfg: GE Published: 2015 Version: DEA-598, Rev. 02/15 4 pages
UL AC Power Products Overview Critical Power Distribution Datacenter power distribution and branch circuit monitoring ... applications, with built-in metering, communications and advanced diagnostics. ... Distributed Power/Distributed Generation – Revenue savings through reduction of utility ... Add to My Library
SecoBloc IEEE OEM Modules
Mfg: GE Published: 2015 Version: DEA-612 1/15 12 pages
... tion with advanced technologies that protect and control the distribution of electricity throughout a facility’s ... Applications Utilities and Power Plants Power generation stations Transformer stations ... These technologies such as circuit breaker and mechanism design, vacuum arc control ... Add to My Library
Residential Electronic Circuit Interrupters
Mfg: GE Published: 2015 Version: DET-838 0115 8 pages
GFCI circuit breakers accomplish this by detecting when current is “leaking” somewhere outside ... O nly the pigtail on the breaker has to be connected to energize the breaker – as with our competition. ... fault, it almost instantaneously shuts off power, helping to prevent an electrical ... Add to My Library
CR193 Vacuum Limitamp Contactors
Mfg: GE Published: 2015 Version: 3.15 GEF-8016C 8 pages
Since contactors are supplied to meet specific customer control and distribution requirements, certain replacement parts not listed in this ... ++ Voltage for contactor main coil is always 110/115DC. ... are designed for equipment used in starting AC motors with line voltages from 1000- ... Add to My Library