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Wiring Devices Industrial,Commercial & Residential
Mfg: Cooper Wire Dev Published: 2007 Version: Catalog2007 574 pages
Side wire terminals accept up 10 Ino solid or stranded wire. The key to our success is a shared philosophy among all of our employees worldwide. And we apply new technologies to the entire development process resulting in products that are delivered faster, more consistently and with more cutting edge features. Add to My Library
Arrow Hart Buyers Guide
Mfg: Cooper Wire Dev Published: 2010 Version: 9-AHBG-10 506 pages
Feature Products Feature product pages can be found, throughout the buyer’s guide that provide additional information on specific features and benefits of Arrow Hart products. Sections are divided and bolded into logical electrical groupings with sub categories clearly identified to take you to just the right spot in the catalog. Add to My Library
Eagle Electric Wiring Devices
Mfg: Cooper Wire Dev Published: 2001 Version: Catalog 2300 284 pages
Eagle shall not be liable for any incidental or consequential damages for breach of any express or implied warranty on any of its products. Except to the extent limited or prohibited by applicable lawf any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose on this products is limited in duration to the duration of this warranty. Add to My Library
Arrow Hart Wiring Devices
Mfg: Cooper Wire Dev Published: 2001 Version: 9-AHCatalog # 40 284 pages
NOTE: For quick reference purposes, this chart shows only the female configurations applicable to receptacles, connectors and flanged outlets. Mating configurations for plugs and flanged inlets are shown on catalog pages indicated. II @ Important Note: This index is arranged in digit sequence for computer processing. Add to My Library
Residential Buyer's Guide
Mfg: Cooper Wire Dev Published: 2011 Version: 9-ResiBG-11 220 pages
Address growing “green” aspirations and create ambiance in any space with energy saving home automation & lighting controls. We’ve developed this guide to speed your access to all of the product and data you need quickly and efficiently. Add comfort with preprogrammed settings, create any lighting scenario or control appliances house-wide with intelligent wireless technology and a wide range of device solutions. Add to My Library
Wallbox Lighting Controls
Mfg: Cooper Wire Dev Published: 2010 Version: 9-CORE-0710 56 pages
Energy saving solutions to create ambiance, meet green initiatives and comply with energy codes. Bridging state of the art lighting control with contemporary aesthetics, CORE lighting controls line of wallbox dimmers, occupancy sensors and wireless devices can reduce energy usage, improve ambiance and increase the beauty of a room. Add to My Library
Arrow Hart LynxPower Industrial Connectivity
Mfg: Cooper Wire Dev Published: 2009 Version: 9-LYNXPWRBRO-09 36 pages
Arrow Hart can improve the efficiency, safety, and uptime of your facility with LynxPOWER industrial connectivity devices. Lowers maintenance and facility costs due to quick and easy change-out modular design When operating efficiency and manufacturing uptime are critical, Arrow Hart’s®extensive offering of industrial connectivity products simplify installations and change-outs for power, signal and data applications. Add to My Library
Arrow Hart Healthcare Solutions
Mfg: Cooper Wire Dev Published: 2008 Version: 9-HEALTHBRO-08 32 pages
The critical demand for consistent, reliable connectivity in a healthcare environment requires quality device solutions. Arrow Hart specification grade/hospital grade devices deliver performance, construction, and design advantages demanded in medical services environments. GCFI protection is not required for receptacles installed in critical care areas where the toilet and basin are installed within the patient room (NEC Article 517.21). Add to My Library
Arrow Hart ArrowLink Modular Wiring Devices
Mfg: Cooper Wire Dev Published: 2009 Version: 9-MODDEVBRO-09 28 pages
Devices which make installation faster, easier, more consistent and more cost effective. ArrowLink™ Modular Wiring Devices change the game for electrical installers by providing an unequalled breadth of devices that offer greater speed and consistency to lower installation costs on the job site. ArrowLink is designed to help you complete a job quickly and cost effectively. Add to My Library
Arrow Hart Complex Env Dev
Mfg: Cooper Wire Dev Published: 2009 Version: 9-YGOODSBRO-09 20 pages
Arrow Hart offers a complete range of solutions for use in complex environments. Watertight devices provide safe and reliable watertight connections, ideal for use in wet locations and hose-down areas Severe Duty Insulated devices offer superior resistance to UV exposure, ozone and a wide variety of damaging fluids typically found in industrial applications Add to My Library
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