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Communication Systems Catalog
Mfg: Aiphone Published: 2003 Version: #99280 GLC (A) 150 pages
Caller's images are auto or manually saved in 4 frames for max security. ... Aiphone has become the most respected and reliable brand of communication systems in the world. ... ISO 9001 standards provide an immediate recognition of product quality almost anywhere in the world. ... Requires no ext... Add to My Library
Video Entry Security Catalog
Mfg: Aiphone Published: 2009 Version: #99280 148 pages
How many doors can you fully protect this year? ... Control building security & determine who is at the door ... Identify visitors with no credentials safely & easily ... Protect your family by knowing who's at the door, ... CAT-5e wiring homerun from each station ... Selective calling between ma... Add to My Library
General Line Catalog
Mfg: Aiphone Published: 2011 Version: # 99280 126 pages
For larger or more complex applications, IP intercoms are designed to go where other intercoms cannot. ... Whether distance is a challenge or interfacing with other security systems is a requirement, an IP intercom is available to meet your needs. ... The IS Series provides the power to identify ... Add to My Library
Intercom Solutions
Mfg: Aiphone Published: 2015 Version: #99280 108 pages
Look for QR codes at the beginning of each section! ... Contact the regional sales representative in your area! ... For a current list, please visit our website at www.aiphone.com/replist. *The information in this catalog is subject to change without notice. ... Scan QR code for more product deta... Add to My Library
Communication Systems General Brochure 2002
Mfg: Aiphone Published: 2002 Version: Stock # 91204 16 pages
For other types of cables, normal operalion and max. communication dislance cannot be guaranteed. ... Expanded s stem with 3 door and 5 monitors, All Call dded Selective ailing with handsfree reply ... II Call lalion in place or monilor door'll rei nlry olume control ... Must be installed with sp... Add to My Library
Video Systems Brochure
Mfg: Aiphone Published: 2002 Version: 91205 GB (A) 16 pages
Systems ... Aiphone video systems use the same two wires between stations as an ordinary doorbell system. ... It carries the audio, video, camera, and power control signals. ... Press top edge ofTlLT control pad to move door camera from horizontally (bottom pas.) to max. 40· upward. ... PanTiit V... Add to My Library
AX Series
Mfg: Aiphone Published: 2009 Version: # 98202 12 pages
Electronic Access Control ... Authorize or deny access into a building, or areas within a building, using the electronic access control function. ... (May require additional wire) ... If a perimeter gate exceeds 980 ft., use the ... AXW-AVT and AXW-AVR along with ber optic or other devices to ext... Add to My Library
IP Video Intercom
Mfg: Aiphone Published: 2010 Version: # 91265 8 pages
IP Video ... L Bring ... f,i 'II ru -- ; ... IINFtll' "'' .. ... Up to 10 ... can be networked ... 1s there ... Net r ork Adaptor ... on your cell ... or PC ... Ke _ep ... _ti_all schlools ... for greater ... the door ... View both adults and ... out to see groups of people ... zoom in for more d... Add to My Library
IP Intercom
Mfg: Aiphone Published: 2010 Version: # 98225 4 pages
IPW-1A ... Network Intercom Adaptor ... Turn your PCs into intercoms! Add to My Library
JF Series
Mfg: Aiphone Published: 2010 Version: # 91260 4 pages
The JF Series has a color monitor to view images clearly and with greater detail, at black and white video prices. ... Clear Identification Day & Night ... In low light conditions, the video door station’s built-in white LED illuminators will activate. ... Identify visitors even at night. ... Whe... Add to My Library
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