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Network Cabling Solutions
Mfg: Hellermann Tyton Published: 2008 Version: Litpdncs Rev 1 236 pages
HellermannTyton offers all of that – with the agility and ability to provide solutions to meet your unique requirements. ... Deca10 delivers higher bandwidth and greater speed with a shielded construction that aids higher performance by eliminating the effect of alien crosstalk and external inter... Add to My Library
Metal Content Tie
Mfg: Hellermann Tyton Published: 2008 Version: LITPD212 2 pages
HellermannTyton’s Metal Content Tie is designed for the food and beverage processing industries to meet the safety standards set by HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) to minimize the risk of contamination. ... The Metal Content Tie is a nylon based tie with metal content disperse... Add to My Library
Fir Tree Push Mount Tie
Mfg: Hellermann Tyton Published: 2008 Version: LITPD214 2 pages
HellermannTyton’s 7x12mm Fir Tree Push Mount Tie offers a simple and easy method for bundling and mounting cables, wires and hoses. ... The unique fi r tree design of the push mount provides one mounting solution for a wide range of applications with various panel thick-nesses. ... The tie is idea... Add to My Library
Raised Floor Enclosure
Mfg: Hellermann Tyton Published: 2008 Version: LITPD217 2 pages
Raised Floor Enclosure ... HellermannTyton’s Raised Floor Enclosure serves as a distribu-tion point for zone cabling for low voltage cabling under raised floors of 8” deep or more. ... This enclosure can be used with traditional patch panel applications as well as copper and fiber ... RapidNet solu... Add to My Library
Stand Off Bundling Clips
Mfg: Hellermann Tyton Published: 2008 Version: LITPD216 2 pages
HellermannTyton’s Stand -Off Bundling Clips provide a 31mm separation between the mounting hole and wire harness. ... They are available in two types for single or double bundle applications. ... The fi r tree mount has a very low insertion force and very high extraction force. ... Product Features Add to My Library
SwiftMark Automatic Label Printer
Mfg: Hellermann Tyton Published: 2008 Version: LITPD 211 Rev 1 2 pages
This guide can be used to determine which labels will work best with the wire diameter selected. ... Simply place the end of the wire over the appropriate circle to select the best label size. ... .10 ... If your wire or cable diameter is less than or equal to below, use: ... Examples of SwiftMar... Add to My Library