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Network Cabling Solutions
Mfg: Hellermann Tyton Published: 2011 Version: LITPDNCS Rev 2 266 pages
The ”always up-to-date" interactive catalog features products developed from our global design team whose focus is to create solutions which continuously solve customers' problems and improve their businesses. In addition, the electronic catalog offers the latest product information and will link you to HellermannTyton websites and additional product specifications. Add to My Library
Engineered Fastening Solutions
Mfg: Hellermann Tyton Published: 2011 Version: LITPDEFS Rev 6 152 pages
HellermannTyton is a leader in designing and manufacturing innovative fastening solutions for the automotive, y equipment i truck, bus, aerospace, OEM, appliance, marine and heavy equipment industries. All are sold with the understanding that the user will test them in actual use and determine their adaptability for the intended uses. Add to My Library
Data Center Solutions
Mfg: Hellermann Tyton Published: 2011 Version: 2011 Catalog 63 pages
HellermannTyton is a leading global manufacturer of network cabling solutions which connect, manage and identify cable and components. Located in over 30 countries, HellermannTyton utilizes global resources channeled to local implementations to offer its customers an integrated approach to design, operation and delivery. Add to My Library
EVO 7 Cable Tie Tools
Mfg: Hellermann Tyton Published: 2011 Version: LITPD246 12 pages
It began with a simple question: Could we create a new cable tie tool designed to reduce the risks of repetitive-stress injuries to users while actually increasing their productivity? It ended with a definitive answer: Introducing the next evolution of cable tie tools, featuring ergonomically-enhanced comfort, safety and performance. Add to My Library
High-Density Connectivity Solutions
Mfg: Hellermann Tyton Published: 2011 Version: LITPD245 12 pages
the technologies of high-density connectivity with the efficiency of factory termination to deliver high-performance solutions for those facilities seeking effortless expansion of data center space to more effectively meet their ever increasing data processing needs. Recognizing that space is at a premium in today’s data centers, making density more critical than ever, HellermannTyton offers high-density options in structured cabling technologies that are perfect for optimizing the available floor and rack space capacity. Add to My Library
Braided Sleeving
Mfg: Hellermann Tyton Published: 2011 Version: LITPD242 Rev 2 12 pages
located in over 30 countries, hellermanntyton brings the best to its customers through global resources channeled to local implementations. HellermannTyton products are warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship at the time sold by us; but our obligation under this warranty and that of the seller is limited to the replacement of the product, and neither we nor the seller are bound by any other warranty, expressed, implied or statutory. Add to My Library
Preprinted Solar Installation Labels
Mfg: Hellermann Tyton Published: 2011 Version: LITPD243 8 pages
When an engraved plate is not specified or mandated, choose the more cost efficient option for meeting communication and durability requirements – Solar Installation Labels from HellermannTyton. growing needs of the installer at both the commercial and residential levels. This includes more detail on labeling, which is an important part of any installation. Add to My Library
Sport 1000 Hand Held Printer
Mfg: Hellermann Tyton Published: 2011 Version: LITPD247 5 pages
Low self-discharge rate for long-term use Manual cutter lever for clean, crisp label edges Industrial-strength nylon strap with metal loop Solar PV Systems Labels HellermannTyton offers all the labels required to pass an on-site inspection for a photovoltaic panel installation. The continuous vinyl rolls are available both in red and white. Add to My Library