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Taos & TSE
Mfg: Insight Ltg Published: 2003 Version: TS/TSE-02.03 20 pages
AOS & TSE are excellent solutions to interior lighting’s two most persistent challenges: performance and aesthetics. TAOS & TSE are visibly superior solutions for open landscape offices, atriums, libraries, pools, airports, and retail spaces. Photometrically, the highly specular peened optical system is the most efficient available. Add to My Library
Mfg: Insight Ltg Published: 2008 Version: MASQUE 02-26-08 20 pages
MASQUETM Insight Lighting presents MASQUE TM, the integration of current facade lighting techniques into a single family of innovative exterior products to address not only the most common exterior lighting design challenges, but also obscure facade demands. MASQUE TM offers Available in up to 10 distinct optical distributions, LED and 32 different lamp choices, MASQUE TM offers the largest repertoire of ballast/lamp/reflector combinations available. Add to My Library
Mfg: Insight Ltg Published: 2007 Version: TREO 04-17-07 16 pages
The significance of the TRE'O® family of performance architectural digital lighting is based upon technology and long term reliability: the convergence of science, design and sustainability. Diminutive extruded and cast aluminum designs destined for interior or exterior applications are married with easily replaceable digital lighting platforms to create aesthetic architectural luminaires that offer many features of classical lamp and fixture products. Add to My Library
Smart Panel
Mfg: Insight Ltg Published: 2009 Version: SmatPanel 02-18-09 8 pages
SmartPanel TM The search for architectural illuminated signage has historically been a challenge for the design consultant. Traditional sign boxes, or back lit fluorescent products have been bulky, inefficient, and often come with expensive maintenance contracts. Other technologies, like cold cathode or edge lit T5HO lamps have reduce the bulk of the box, but have not enhanced the quality of the lighted surface. Add to My Library