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Fluorescent Lighting
Mfg: Lamar Ltg Published: 2004 Version: 1075-3966 251 pages
Ideal for stairwells, restrooms, laundry rooms and other areas where maximum light levels are not required on a constant basis For safety and compliance purposes in areas designated as emergency egress, we recommend choosing a standby light level that will provide minimum code compliant light levels while in the standby mode. Add to My Library
Lamar Lighting
Mfg: Lamar Ltg Published: Version: Catalog 24 pages
Chrome unit gently accenting a unique square cut luminous acrylic diffuser. The fixture generates character and distinction and excitingly enhances any decor. A melding of line, contour, space, mitred in exciting color and metal combinations. The first of its kind in fluorescent to enhance art deco as well as a host of modern interiors. Add to My Library