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Fluorescent Lighting
Mfg: Lamar Ltg Published: 2004 Version: 1075-3966 251 pages
Bi-level fixtures operate at a low standby light level, offering safety and security with full light output instantly upon occupancy with areas fully lit only as needed ... Ideal for stairwells, restrooms, laundry rooms and other areas where maximum light levels are not required on a constant basis Add to My Library
Lamar Lighting
Mfg: Lamar Ltg Published: Version: Catalog 24 pages
Chrome unit gently accenting a unique square cut luminous acrylic diffuser. ... The fixture generates character and distinction and excitingly enhances any decor. ... A melding of line, contour, space, mitred in exciting color and metal combinations. ... The first of its kind in fluorescent to en... Add to My Library