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Legrand Wiremold Product Guide 09/10
Mfg: On-Q Legrand Published: 2009 Version: ED1560 R2 1209 548 pages
Legrand/Wiremold will be substantially free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use and service, for a period of one year from the date of original installation or two years from the date of purchase, whichever is sooner. Th is limited warranty applies only to products, which have been installed properly in accordance with Installation Instructions supplied by Legrand/Wiremold and any applicable codes and standards. Add to My Library
Ortronics Data Communications
Mfg: On-Q Legrand Published: 2014 Version: ORTCATALOG 372 pages
To add to the options, Legrand has made optical fiber adapters and cassettes available in the same HD footprint. We provide building solutions to meet many building performance goals from sustainability and energy efficiency to productivity and occupant well being. Through active monitoring and research, we also serve as an expert resource for market trends and building and product performance standards to keep our customers at the top of their game. Add to My Library
Ortronics Data Communications
Mfg: On-Q Legrand Published: 2011 Version: 0211 283 pages
As the global specialist in electrical and digital building infrastructures, Legrand is offering more solutions for improved control of electricity to reduce consumption and contribute towards supplying high quality energy. This web portal is a comprehensive learning tool designed to provide users with a wide range of information and relevant resources to assist them in achieving their organization’s sustainability goals. Add to My Library
On-Q Home Systems
Mfg: On-Q Legrand Published: 2013 Version: 1308222 219 pages
Bold design and intuitive interfaces combine to form a system that’s not just easy to use, but easy to love. Featuring titanium edging and a screwless finish, Studio design adds a touch of elegance to any room. From innovative enclosures to high-performance connection outlets, on-q products provide a smooth installation. Add to My Library
Industrial and Power Protection
Mfg: On-Q Legrand Published: 2012 Version: 052012 212 pages
With high quality products throughout its industrial portfolio, Legrand is in an unbeatable position... offering integrated solutions designed to meet your needs whatever the budget or installation requirements. With a unique load break and interlock switch, Hypra provides the highest level of safety within a compact design. Add to My Library
On-Q Home Product Catalog
Mfg: On-Q Legrand Published: 2004 Version: Part # 889197 Rev A - 50M - SK/FP 190 pages
As the redesigned On Q Technologies, On-Q Home has been breaking new ground in providing the best technology solutions that result in superior connected home systems. Many of our people have the extraordinary experience of logging over ten years as structured wiring innovators. We will continue to earn your trust and look forward to working with you as you grow your connected home business. Add to My Library
On-Q Home Systems
Mfg: On-Q Legrand Published: 2011 Version: 1308131 169 pages
Designed for easy installation, Unity utilizes RJ45 connections and a pre-programmed interface to make setup a breeze while maintaining maximum personalization across all platforms. It is also able to receive software updates that will enhance the user experience and increase profit opportunities for the installer. Add to My Library
On-Q Home Systems Catalog
Mfg: On-Q Legrand Published: 2009 Version: # 1308064 20M-KP 168 pages
Our broad list of options enables homeowners to create any type of home networking solution - from a simple starter system to a higher end custom installation. From stylish intercoms to easy Internet access, On-Q communications products provide the features your customers need to keep their families and home businesses communicating efficiently . Add to My Library
On-Q/Legrand Product Catalog
Mfg: On-Q Legrand Published: 2006 Version: Part # 1307841 15M-KP/FP-08/06 164 pages
You get one great company that can offer you everything you need for success in the connected home market. At On-Q/Legrand, we're passionate about creating innovative products that homeowners dream about while making everything cost effective and easy to install. Our powerful sales and marketing tools make it easy to create targeted home networking solutions for every customer. Add to My Library
Swifts Cable Ladder Product Technical Guide
Mfg: On-Q Legrand Published: 2012 Version: 2012 Catalog 148 pages
An established favourite in the UK and abroad, this comprehensive system of slotted rail cable ladder enables the coupling of lengths and fi ttings without the need for drilling… In the UK Legrand has developed a customer focused structure which harnesses the power of its market leading specialist brands to deliver innovative, integrated solutions for every phase of construction. Add to My Library
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