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Recessed Down Lighting
Mfg: Peerless Ltg Published: Version: 92 pages
- Adjustable socket mounting plate for proper positioning of different lamp types. ... - 5 11/16" height allows to use in 2" x 6" Joist construction for shallow housing. ... - Housing adjusts to accommodate up to various ceiling thickness. ... through wiring, and direct contact with insulation. -... Add to My Library
Fluorescent Lighting Specifier Guide
Mfg: Peerless Ltg Published: 2002 Version: Puce-M1-2002 84 pages
Our complete effort is devoted to the design and manufacture of quality fluorescent lighting equipment to specification prescribed by the lighting specifier. ... Peerless Electric is a leading Canadian lighting solutions provider specializing in the manufacture and supply of lighting fixtures for... Add to My Library
Mfg: Peerless Ltg Published: 2009 Version: v4 10-09 36 pages
Peerless makes it easy to bridge speed, quality and aff ordability. ... We believe when challenged with a lean budget and time constraints, quality lighting should not be exclusive to the few, rather accessible to all. ... Indirect ... FIXTURE LENGTH — 4’, 8’ and 12’ individual fi xture sections f... Add to My Library
Classroom Lighting Solutions
Mfg: Peerless Ltg Published: 2008 Version: CLS0608 16 pages
Today’s computerized A/V classroom, rising energy costs and tightening energy codes demand new best practices that improve the learning environment while minimizing energy, resources and cost. ... Peerless Lighting is revolutionizing classroom lighting with dedicated solutions that integrate Peer... Add to My Library
Simply5 Lighting Control
Mfg: Peerless Ltg Published: 2008 Version: S5008 12 pages
INTEGRATED CONTROL SOLUTIONS ... Sustainability and LEED, rising energy costs and tougher energy codes have created demand for lighting systems that use advanced and complex control systems. ... Peerless Lighting now offers ... SIMPLY5 —the industry’s simplest solution for comprehensive lighting ... Add to My Library