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Product Catalogue No. 48
Mfg: Rosco Published: Version: No. 48 79 pages
Colour filter swatchbooks have been, for many years, the lighting designer’s favourite tool for colour filter selection. Available at Rosco dealers everywhere, the swatchbooks contain samples of every colour and its transmission chart. All Rosco swatchbooks are dated and users are advised to have an up-to-date swatchbook on hand. Add to My Library
Color Filters Catalog
Mfg: Rosco Published: 2007 Version: 2007 Guide 72 pages
It’s popularity is due partly to the wide choice of colors, but also because this engineered plastic is the most durable filter available. The result is a “sandwich” in which two microscopically thin layers of clear film protect a layer of color. This protection was specifically designed to insure the longest possible life under the intense heat of stage or television lights. Add to My Library