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Hand Dryers Catalog
Mfg: World Dryer Published: 2015 Version: 92-MT002 rev05 20 pages
First original warm air hand dryer is invented. ... World Dryer introduces the Model A, cast iron cover hand dryer, as the industry standard. ... Today, World Dryer has distributors in over 70 countries. ... World Dryer introduces a new line of stamped and zinc die cast covered hand dryer. ... Wo... Add to My Library
Hand Dryers Catalog
Mfg: World Dryer Published: 2000 Version: WOR Buyline3168 10 pages
Hand dryers save trees from being cut down and made into paper towels. ... Paper towels can be made from recycled paper, but they cannot be recycled. ... They create millions of cubic feet of waste in landfills. ... The production of paper towels is twice as energy-intensive as the use of hand dr... Add to My Library
Nova Hand Dryers
Mfg: World Dryer Published: 2008 Version: Buyline 3168 8 pages
Motor is a universal type, 1/6 HP, 12,000 RPM at rated load with resilient mountings and sealed, permanently lubricated ball bearings for durability and rapid drying ... Dynamically balanced blower wheel for vibration-free operation ... Reflective infrared sensor detects hands, initiates and term... Add to My Library