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Precision Weather Instruments
Mfg: Davis Instruments Man. Co Published: 2011 Version: 2011 Catalog 32 pages
all Davis instruments weather stations are designed to provide the high level of accuracy, reliability and ruggedness our customers have come to expect. But they are also designed to suit a wide range of weather observers’ needs. Whether you are a weather hobbyist watching the weather for the pure fun of it, or someone reliant on accurate weather data for farming, research or busi-ness, you will find a Davis weather system to meet your needs. Add to My Library
Davis Marine Catalog
Mfg: Davis Instruments Man. Co Published: 2011 Version: PR02 Rev C 32 pages
Handles up to 500 cubic feet of living space. Handles up to 1000 cubic feet of living space. Easy to install—tough polycarbonate head quickly clamps over existing handle grip. The damp air is heated to the point moisture is held in suspension (above dew point), then released through the top vents of the device. Add to My Library
Fleet Management
Mfg: Davis Instruments Man. Co Published: 2010 Version: PR81/0911D 16 pages
We know that managing a fleet is a com-plex job. You need to improve safety, keep costs down, and worry about driver acceptance—all at the same time. Field-proven in fleets around the world, our fleet management systems give you the tools—and the informa-tion—you need. Improve driver performance with both short- and long-term feedback. Add to My Library