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Measure Up 45th Anniversary
Mfg: Extech Instruments Published: 2016 Version: Catalog 40 168 pages
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Tough Tools Full Line Catalog 39
Mfg: Extech Published: 2014 Version: Catalog 39 164 pages
There’s so much excitement around our growing line of test tools because so many help make our world a better place by keeping systems running and improving productivity. Our #1 priority is to provide you with quality, affordable products that meet your daily demands for performance and reliability. Add to My Library
Test and Measurement Tools
Mfg: Extech Published: 2011 Version: Catalog 38 152 pages
Your loyalty to Extech and your expectations for rugged, durable, and accurate Extech meters and testers have kept us focused on building the best test and measurement products on the market. Extech is stronger than ever: our business continues to grow exponentially and it’s all because of you! We want to promise you the best quality—not only in our meters, but also in the many services we provide to support our customers. Add to My Library
Test & Measurement Tools
Mfg: Extech Published: 2009 Version: Gen. Cat 37 144 pages
Having been a part of Extech for over 25 years, I am amazed at the extraordinary growth Extech has experienced. Working with our trusted partners and distributors, Extech has defi ned a new category of test and measurement equipment: the best meters at the best value on the market. This catalog is fi lled with more innovative new products than ever, with exclusive features and functions no one else offers. Add to My Library