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Specification Fluorescent Lighting
Mfg: H.E. Williams Inc. Published: 2003 Version: 2003 Catalog 350 pages
Non-perfora t ed hous i ng or 33% o p e n perforat i o n beneat h lamps offers c hoice of appearance. ... Slo tted and o ther unique perforat ion patterns a lso available. ... Non-perfo rat ed housing or 33% open perfora t ion be neath lamps offers c ho i ce of a p pearance. ... Decoratively arra... Add to My Library
Infinity Lighting Guide
Mfg: H.E. Williams Inc. Published: 2004 Version: 1204 257 pages
Throughout the entire construction process — from early-on specification development to the moment the business with people. ... We recognize the value of involving multiple disciplines — both internally and externally — to solve problems to develop optimal solutions to your challenges. ... Shown... Add to My Library
Williams Lighitng Catalog
Mfg: H.E. Williams Inc. Published: 1987 Version: H-87 64 pages
The focus has shifted from automotive products and accessories in the early years to today's fluorescent lighting for the commercial and industrial marketplaces. ... Throughout its history, H.E. Williams has grown in size to meet the demand for its products. ... In its present location since 1971... Add to My Library
Outdoor Ltg
Mfg: H.E. Williams Inc. Published: 2009 Version: 06-04-09RJ 6 pages
ICESL & ICERL Withstand the Harshest Conditions ... Sign lighting maintenance can require lane closures, incur high costs in labor and equipment, and increase risk to motorists and highway workers. ... Williams Downlighting’s Series SL and RL improve safety with better visibility and longer produ... Add to My Library