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High Abuse Lighting Selector Guide
Mfg: Kenall Manufacturing Co. Published: 2009 Version: 2009 Catalog 268 pages
Whichever system you choose, you’ll not only get affordable fixtures with legendary Kenall durability, you’ll also get classic architectural design and sophisticated mechanical detailing. Kenall's high abuse fixtures are so well made, they’re covered by our exclusive Peace of Mind lifetime Guarantee™ – proof that we stand behind our products now and in the years to come. Add to My Library
MedMaster Lighting for Healthcare Environments
Mfg: Kenall Manufacturing Co. Published: 2012 Version: L10021-022312 112 pages
Kenall has applied nearly 50 years of expertise in lighting challenging environments to set new benchmarks for safety, performance, and durability in healthcare lighting. The application of these benchmarks can be seen in the healthcare lighting systems we manufacture. Our testing facilities ensure that Kenall luminaires deliver superior optical performance, withstand rigorous cleaning protocols, and meet stringent cleanliness and infection control standards without disturbing sensitive electrical devices. Add to My Library
Mighty Mac Lighting for Security Detention
Mfg: Kenall Manufacturing Co. Published: 2009 Version: 2009 Catalog 84 pages
This product guide has been designed to provide speci-fiers of security detention lighting with the most objective information available for the selection of housing styles, materials, and light levels. Only lighting levels have been defined in terms of performance while the other areas are defined by features. Add to My Library
Simpleseal Lighting for Cleanroom
Mfg: Kenall Manufacturing Co. Published: 2011 Version: L10032-011711 72 pages
Meeting the needs of these specialized installations, our luminaires are designed to maintain the particulate and contaminate requirements of cleanroom and containment areas while being easy to install and inexpensive to maintain. These critical spaces require fixtures capable of satisfying a wide range of demanding environmental and safety criteria, while producing effective and efficient illumination with superior optical and energy performance. Add to My Library
EnviroPro Lighting for Food Processing
Mfg: Kenall Manufacturing Co. Published: 2011 Version: L10038-033012 66 pages
By leveraging over 20 years of experience in the manufacture of sealed enclosure lighting, Kenall has applied the strength of its expertise in the development of EnviroPro™—a comprehensive family of luminaires for the food processing environment. The diligence with which Kenall approaches the design and manufacture of luminaires within this space has enabled us to become the logical choice of food processing lighting specifiers. Add to My Library
Metrex Emergency Lighting and Signage
Mfg: Kenall Manufacturing Co. Published: 2010 Version: 2010 Catalog 56 pages
Kenall’s emergency lighting and signage products feature the recently introduced Millenium Metrex™ lED exit sign series for use in abusive public environments. I am now proud to introduce our Millenium Metrex™ emergency egress lighting system. It includes a comprehensive selection of all new injection molded emergency lighting products for abusive, complex, and extreme environments. Add to My Library
Millenium Freescale Architectural Luminaires
Mfg: Kenall Manufacturing Co. Published: 2008 Version: 2008 Catalog 52 pages
Whether you’re an engineer, architect, facility manager, or owner, the lighting fixtures you select may need to meet a multitude of functional and aesthetic require-ments. that’s why Kenall’s millenium freescale family of architectural sconces offers options to meet even the most challenging need. Add to My Library
Lighting For Healthcare Environments
Mfg: Kenall Manufacturing Co. Published: 2010 Version: L10026-061510 48 pages
Today's healthcare facilities need lighting fixtures capable of satisfying many demanding requirements, from meeting essential environmental and safety criteria, to offering pleasing designs and superior optical performance. Kenall has applied its industry-leading expertise in creating fixtures for demanding environments to its family of healthcare lighting systems while setting new benchmarks for aesthetics, safety, performance, and durability. Add to My Library
LED Lighting for Challenging Environments
Mfg: Kenall Manufacturing Co. Published: 2012 Version: L10040-042712 45 pages
Solid State Lighting (SSL) technology, Kenall is proud to introduce the broadest LED lamping options across all of our major market segments, including: Exit & Emergency LED sources present an ideal solution for a variety of applications due to their low energy consumption and high efficacy, in concert with extended lamp life. Add to My Library
Express Quick Ship Program
Mfg: Kenall Manufacturing Co. Published: 2011 Version: L10011-020111 40 pages
Due to tremendous response by our customers, we have expanded the product lines, lamp offerings and options included in the To provide additional luminaire choices, we have introduced a never before published Kenall Express 5-Day Program that offers our most popular products with thousands of lamp offerings and options. Add to My Library
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