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City Multi Mitsubishi Cooling and Heating
Mfg: Mitsubishi Elec. Automati Published: 2011 Version: CMTECH-7-11 84 pages
The number of parts used in indoor units has been reduced by adopting modular components, a process which also simplifies materials separation for recycling. Smarter sensing technology and microprocessors enhance the system’s ability to accurately measure room temperature for added comfort, performance and efficiency. Add to My Library
P-Series Full Line Catalog
Mfg: Mitsubishi Elec. Automati Published: 2011 Version: PSeries 36 pages
For over 30 years Mitsubishi Electric has been a leader in the United States in providing the most energy-efficient, environmentally friendly HVAC products for commercial use. INVERTER-driven compressor systems which use only the exact amount of energy needed to cool or heat an area. This feature means your customers will save energy—and major costs—while experiencing precise control over their comfort year-round. Add to My Library
M Series Full Line Catalog
Mfg: Mitsubishi Elec. Automati Published: 2011 Version: MSeries 36 pages
Mitsubishi Electric HVAC systems, available in the U.S. for over thirty years, have provided exceptional, personalized comfort control while being very energy efficient. Mitsubishi Electric’s INVERTER-driven compressor systems use refrigerant lines to connect an outdoor unit to one or more indoor air handlers. Add to My Library
Melvac Vacuum Contactors
Mfg: Mitsubishi Elec. Automati Published: 2009 Version: L-199-7-C3023-G 16 pages
* Processing data provided in this brochure is for reference only. L-199-7-C3023-G MA-0912 Printed in Japan (MDOC) These commodities or technologies are subject to Japanese strategic and non-proliferation control regulations. Distribution contrary to these regulations is prohibited. Specifications subject to change without notice. Add to My Library
Comfort Solutions
Mfg: Mitsubishi Elec. Automati Published: 2010 Version: FBROGEN 6 pages
When it comes to temperature, rooms are a lot like fingerprints: every one is unique. Even rooms with identical dimensions within the same home often have different temperatures at the same time of the day. It’s a reality that’s confounded both building designers and homeowners for decades. At Mitsubishi Electric, we design innovative comfort solutions that finally solve this age-old problem. Add to My Library
Line Hide Lineset Cover System
Mfg: Mitsubishi Elec. Automati Published: 2005 Version: LBRCA11 6 pages
High-quality PVC with UV inhibitors for outdoor service in all weather conditions. Can be painted with most house paints to match exterior decors. Mitsubishi Electric & Electronics USA, Inc. warrants to the original consumer purchaser of a Line-Hide product that it will replace any part which fails due to a manufacturing defect within one year from the date of original purchase. Add to My Library