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Consumer Buyers Guide
Mfg: DCO Published: 1987 Version: BG-124 84 pages
and Surface Low Voltage 150 Watt Commercial 100 & 150 Watt Squares .......... Diecast Ceiling and Wall ...... Surface Drums: Incandescent Fluorescent Diecast Ceiling Open Reflector Downlights. Crossed Lamp Downlights.... E-Lamp Multiplier Downlights Ellipsoidal Downlights ........... A-Lamp and R-Lamp Oownlighfs Add to My Library
Mfg: DCO Published: 1989 Version: AL03 80 pages
Lighting Catalog have been ar ranged In order of nomlnol trim diameter to aid In planning a coor- Incandescent Multip liers , dlnated appearance of the finished ceiling. Listed below the trim di ameters are the pages on which the various types of lighting fixtures 4" 12 48 49 Capri Lighting reserves the right to make any changes in the design and construction of the products listed in this catalog which may be required bV law or bV the rules of any regulatory body. Add to My Library
Track Lighting
Mfg: DCO Published: 1988 Version: CT888 56 pages
soles and service repre sentatives, trained to provide creative solutions for anv lighting application, Regional distribution centers ensure prompt delivery both nationwide and Inter notionallv, Capri's commitment priority Is to meet vour needs. We know aUf success depends on vour satisfaction. PAR36 low voltage lamps brings Into ploy many wattages, beamspr6ads, and light patterns. Add to My Library
C1 Commercial Downlighting
Mfg: DCO Published: 2008 Version: C19.08 52 pages
First is a frame that accommodates four aperture sizes. Frames can be installed even before a lamp source or wattage has been determined. C1 electrical systems are designed around incandescent, compact fluorescent or HID lamp sources of all shapes and wattages, and connect to the frame via a junction box door. Add to My Library
Mfg: DCO Published: 1987 Version: DL1087 36 pages
ell-planned lighting makes a substantial difference In how we perceive and utilize Interior spaces. UghNng can make a dramatic difference, creating excitement by enhancing colors, enriching textures, and accenting decor elements. LIghting must be sulrable to the taSk, and adequate for general Illumination, while providing a safe, comfortable environment. Add to My Library
Firedome NXT
Mfg: DCO Published: 2008 Version: C17.0408 16 pages
And it cAn be fierce. Firedome™ NXt is the next generation fire-rated downlight housing from Capri Lighting. Utilizing a revolutionary sustainable wool membrane, the industry’s most innovative fire-rated housing is tested to stringent fire-rated standards and approved by UL. Firedometm NXt can definitely take the heat. Add to My Library
QuickLights Ambidextrous Downlight 180
Mfg: DCO Published: 2009 Version: C19.0109 13 pages
QuickLights design. This revolutionary downlight, available for incandescent and compact fluorescent lamp sources, anticipates possible ceiling interference and addresses it with a patent-pending movable junction box. With the simple press of a tab, the junction box can be moved from the right to the left side and vice versa – making it ambidextrous. Add to My Library
C Plus Downlights
Mfg: DCO Published: 2009 Version: C29.1109 12 pages
Need fast delivery on affordably priced downlights? T he Philips Capri C-Plus 4" offering consists of affordably-priced downlights for use in residential applications. Private residences, condominiums, townhouses, apartment complexes, and cottages are all applications that can benefit from the wide variety of energy-efficient lamp sources and trims offered in the C-Plus family of downlights. Add to My Library
CI LED Luminaire
Mfg: DCO Published: 2008 Version: C26.0809 12 pages
The C1 LED luminaire series from Capri offers an economical solution to the need for more sustainable lighting. Capri products utilize the most energy efficient technologies, while positioning products in the marketplace to be the keystones that bridge the path to the future of lighting. Capri Lighting recognizes that to make a significant change in the way lighting impacts our environment, not only do products have to be viable replacements for current lighting solutions, but they also have to be viable within a budget. Add to My Library
Energy Efficient Lighting Products
Mfg: DCO Published: 2007 Version: C16.0807 12 pages
California has been the nation’s leader in energy-efficiency standards for almost 30 years, since the implementation of Title 24 in 1978. to meet the current code is not only possible, it’s easy—with Capri. Other states and utilities across the country are also adopting more aggressive energy codes and regulations, Add to My Library
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