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Electrical Cable & Conduit Fittings
Mfg: Regal Published: 2002 Version: April2002 60 pages
The Regal line of electrical fittings is the result of old-world craftsmanship handed down from generation to generation of the Freibott family, owners of Regal Mfg. since its inception. ... The line is also the result of years of development and improvement. ... Many contractors and their wireme... Add to My Library
Electrical Cable & Conduit Fittings
Mfg: Regal Published: Version: Cat No 125 52 pages
For the smaller size cables, the 1/2" and 3/4" are of the saddle type variety using but one screw for speed of installation. ... 6232 3/4" 25 250 24# The saddle protects the cable from screw penetration, and is held in place for easy and quick installation. ... Provided complete wilh insulated th... Add to My Library
Regal Fittings Technical Reference Guide
Mfg: Regal Published: Version: 40 pages
This technical manual has been developed as an easy to use reference guide for specifiers, contractors and inspection authori ties. ... The first section (color-coded blue) offers in-depth informa tion regarding procedures, materials and specifications employed in the manufacture of Regal products. Add to My Library