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LV Lighting Systems
Mfg: Prima Ltg Published: 2002 Version: 2002-2003 Catalog 88 pages
In three years, we have received a tremendous ... have made numerous ve and enhancements to our cata log, for example: I. II. ... In the interchangeable the section, we offer flexibility of choosing products to apply to our ... In both Mono-Rail and Coble sections, we have provided 4 - easy -ste ... Add to My Library
Prima Lighting Corp
Mfg: Prima Ltg Published: 2000 Version: Catalog 002 36 pages
The low voltage mono roil system represents total flexibi lity, simplicity, and practical ity. ... This new mid to high range roi l system features unique spot heads and pendants that are proprietary in design os well os offering styles that are accepted os standards in the industry. ... c ... Ch... Add to My Library