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Shawflex Flexar Flexible Electrical Cable
Mfg: Shawflex Published: 1998 Version: 0598 28 pages
Composite constructions are evaluated on an individual basis. Ultra flexible cable for heavy duty continuous flexing applications. This cable is oil and abrasion resistant and available with an optional FT4/IEEE 1202 flame rating. FLEXAR® UF is also available with a polyurethane jacket. Red insulated conductors with black alpha-numeric coding plus a green/yellow ground conductor (included in the conductor count). Add to My Library
Shawflex UL 600V Tray and Metal Clad Cable
Mfg: Shawflex Published: 1998 Version: 0398 24 pages
It is intended for use in accordance with Article 340 of the National Electrical Code and is suitable for use in Class I and Class II Division 2 Hazardous Locations. Solid and seven strand bare or tinned copper conductors, #18-#8 AWG. It is available in 2 to 50 multiconductors or 1 to 50 pairs or triads depending on gauge size. Add to My Library
Cable Catalog
Mfg: Shawflex Published: 2009 Version: 2009 Catalog 12 pages
NOTE: The information in this catalog is a guide to assist with product sel of a product chosen for a particular use. Specifications are subject t Our liability is stated in our standard terms and conditions of sale. About ShawFlex More than four decades of experience in designing and ma equipped ShawFlex to tackle virtually any application. Add to My Library