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Heating Ventilation Heating Cables Electronics
Mfg: Stelpro Design Published: 2012 Version: CAT 2012 Products 154 pages
Prices indicated in this catalogue are valid 90 days starting from may 1st, 2012. ... Stelpro Design inc. reserves the right to modify any design and/or dimension of its units at any time. ... For all the updated prices, please refer to the Web site. ... Many features distinguish it from others: ... Add to My Library
Heating Ventilation Electronics and Acc
Mfg: Stelpro Design Published: 2011 Version: 2011Cat 116 pages
Safe mounting brackets ensuring quick installation designed to avoid damaging the cable; can snap-on; they are 1 feet long in order to facilite the installation. ... This small size heating cable generates a powerful 3 watts per linear foot. ... Prices indicated in this catalog are valid 90 days ... Add to My Library
Hand Dryers
Mfg: Stelpro Design Published: 2014 Version: CAT2014_HD_EN_USA 20 pages
Stelpro hand dryers are developed with three qualities in mind — effectiveness, personalization and ecological awareness. ... From conception to fabrication, our ultimate goal is to offer versatile hand dryers that respond to all your needs, no matter the conditions of use. ... Schools, factories... Add to My Library
Bathroom Fans
Mfg: Stelpro Design Published: 2014 Version: CAT 2014_fans_EN 16 pages
°1 series – °2 series – °3 series easy and simple installation for you, performance and reduced noise for your clients ... Designed with the installer’s needs in mind, °stELPro bathroom fans are not only quiet and efficient, they also offer a clear advantage over other brands when it comes to inst... Add to My Library