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Sterling Electric Industrial Gear Drives
Mfg: Sterling Elec Published: 1995 Version: Catalog 460 164 pages
r been caught in an emergency situation without the right reducer on your shelf? ... You may have any number of spare reducers in your inventory, but not ... If this has hap pened to you, then you will appreciate the many design features of Sterling Electric worm gear reducers. ... Components for... Add to My Library
706 Electrical Products
Mfg: Sterling Elec Published: 2006 Version: ED-1047-13-DOC 108 pages
Our standard Rolled Steel and Cast Iron Frame motors provide superior quality and unique designs features compared to competing brands in the marketplace.We provide a full product offering in Cast Iron construction from 56 through 5810 Frame designs to meet the harsh application requirements foun... Add to My Library
2000RA Selection
Mfg: Sterling Elec Published: 2008 Version: May 08 68 pages
Acceptance of your order is subject to the following terms and conditions as well as the condition of sale stated in the Price Book, which may not be superseded or modified in any manner by the terms of your purchase order unless specifically agreed to in writing by Sterling Electric, Inc. ... Th... Add to My Library
2000HG Selection
Mfg: Sterling Elec Published: 2008 Version: Nov 2008 68 pages
Sterling Electric offers a full range of Helical Gear Products to meet the demanding applications found in today’s industry. ... Our standard cast iron product design lends itself to the harsh environments found in the pulp/paper and the chemical industry providing excellent corrosion resistance ... Add to My Library