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Lamps for Audio-Visual-Entertain-Photo
Mfg: Ushio America Inc. Published: Version: Catalog 86 pages
From the world leader in MR-16 lamp technology comes the world’s most efficient solid state LED MR-16 lamp. ... No false claims, just outstanding performance that yields 80% energy-savings. ... Rated at 50,000 hours, Synergie™ has a true life rating of more than 10 times that of standard MR-16 la... Add to My Library
General Lighting Promo
Mfg: Ushio America Inc. Published: 2009 Version: GL-1208 16 pages
bold cathode lamps have been used for years in laptop displays, copiers and cell phones. ... Even some of the new fiat panel LCD television screens and monitors utilize cold cathode technology because the technology is proven and reliable. ... Recently the technology has been adapted and applied ... Add to My Library