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Motor Control
Mfg: Furnas Published: 1992 Version: 15B290 10.92 36 pages
Heater table number is found in the column under the type 01 overload and phase. 2. Refer \0 the specified table and use control size and motor amps to select the heater code number. a. If motor amps are not known, an approximate value may be found on the next page, These values should b. If heater table shows trip amps, maximum full load motor amps is 87% of trip amps. Add to My Library
Industrial Motor Starter ESP100
Mfg: Furnas Published: 1992 Version: 14-ESP290 32 pages
Fac!Ofy will lum,$f1 the same voIIage cools as transformer secondary volta(le Add 10% to price addition for transformer. Add 10% to price addition for transformer. No. Change indicates a character change to the number or letter shown. Example 14DSE32BC becomes 14DSE33BC. - Cal. No. SuHix indicates numbers or leners added to the end of a catalog number. Add to My Library
Programmable Controller
Mfg: Furnas Published: 1992 Version: 96-M1 Rev 3-3-92 28 pages
system that allows users to assemble a variety of modules (cards) into rack slots to meet specific system 1/0 requirements. CPU and memory can be ordered separately. List prices subject to change without notice. ANALOG INPUT I OUTPUT MODULES Analog 110 modules accept analog currents and voltages to enable intertacing with various sensors. Add to My Library