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Namco CD Rom General Catalog
Mfg: Namco Published: 2001 Version: CDCAT-1.0 227 pages
— Consult factory for normally closed model availability. Replacement Mounting Brackets Accessories: see pages 84-87. Consult factory for normally closed model availability. The tubular series is popular as part present and machine location sensors for demanding applications such as resistance welding of body assemblies. Add to My Library
Proximity Switches and Acc
Mfg: Namco Published: 1983 Version: EE-82 56 pages
Series EE940/EE950 Proximity Switches The following charts show typical applications of variou s industrial uses related to the ON/OFF relay signals of the EE940 . EE950 Series Prox imity Switches. No Part 50/60 Hz 0 TO 70°C (2) VIBRATION LIMIT - 10-55Hz, 10 to 50 g depending on output (3) SET POINT CONTROL is an integral part of control module *UL and CSA approved switches. Add to My Library
Limit Switches
Mfg: Namco Published: 1983 Version: EA83 56 pages
Sides in a single housing. gether with locking in either open or Snap-Lock switches have separate en closures within a single housing for the closed position. electrical contacts and terminals on one side and latch bars, rockers and other parts of the operating mechanism on the other side. The snap-lock action ensures a quick-and meet NEMA Type 1, 4, and 13 make and quick-break of contacts to requirements. Add to My Library
General Catalog Sensors
Mfg: Namco Published: 1983 Version: March 39 pages
4.00 EA703-2772 SL164B SpeCify SWitch part number so that cover may be properly stamped. LIST PRICE 124.00 $ Lever is priced EXTRA and must be ordered as SEPARATE ITEM for each switch. Lever EL010·53420 (0·1260) is most commonty used - see Series EL lever price list. Switches meet NEMA specs., Type 1,4 and 13. Add to My Library
Photoelectric Switches and Acc
Mfg: Namco Published: 1983 Version: EP-82 36 pages
Proper alignment is necessary to achieve maximum sensitivity to objects being monitored. Because of their use of modulated LED switches, Namco-Leuze controls are insensitive to ambient light. CROSS·TALK IMMUNITY a unique capability of Namco Leuze controls that allows several LED con trols to be placed close to each other with each receiver responding only to the light beam frequency of its own transmitter. Add to My Library