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Micro Miniature Solenoid Valves
Mfg: ASCO Valve Published: 2007 Version: AV017 R4 86 pages
Environmental Controls In addition to our comprehensive standard product offering, we have the ability to create customized products that provide the precise solution to meet your fluid control needs. ... You can find more information on ASCO Scientific’s products on the web at www.ascovalve.com ... Add to My Library
RedHat Next Gerneration
Mfg: ASCO Valve Published: 2009 Version: V7381R6 24 pages
RedHat Next Generation is the future of solenoid valve technology, designed and manufactured to provide new capabilities. ... The Next Generation of solenoid valves provides lower operating cost, and represents an advancement in the performance, reliability, and ruggedness that you have come to e... Add to My Library
Sensors Stainless Steel
Mfg: ASCO Valve Published: 2008 Version: V7366 R5 20 pages
ASCO, the leader in the design and manufacture of solenoid valves, now offers a complete line of Pressure ... Sensors. ... With pressure ratings up to 10,000 psig and the ability to handle difficult applications like steam and refrigeration, ASCO Pressure Sensors will meet your most demanding needs. Add to My Library
Pneumatic Proportional Valve
Mfg: ASCO Valve Published: 2000 Version: REV D 20 pages
valve is a closed loop control valve ca-pable of controlling pressures from vacuum up to 725 psi. ... This 3-way valve has the control electronics and pressure sensor built into the valve. ... It is a compact valve package for its capabilities. ... There are two models of the Servotronic valve. Add to My Library
S Series Compact Valve Solutions
Mfg: ASCO Valve Published: 2005 Version: V7394R5 16 pages
FOR COMMERCIALAPPLICATIONS ... ASCO is the worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of quality solenoid valves. ... The S Series valves are developed and engineered with ASCO’s global resources. ... This compact design saves space, reduces installation time, simplifies service, and improves... Add to My Library
8290 Series Angle Body Piston Valves
Mfg: ASCO Valve Published: 2008 Version: V7393 R3 12 pages
Made from tough fiber composite and protected with double o-ring seal. ... ONE PIECE COLD ROLLED S.S. STEM ... Provides added strength and less resistance. ... The Viton® flouroelastomer wiper keeps harmful grit away from the stem area. ... As a backup, there are multiple-ribbed shearing rings th... Add to My Library
Functional Safety Solutions
Mfg: ASCO Valve Published: 2009 Version: V7666 12 pages
FUNCTIONAL SAFETY SOLUTIONS ... ASCO solenoid pilot valves are an integral part of the final control element for any safety instrumented system (SIS) or critical application. ... ASCO offers 3 solenoid pilot valve solutions that are widely used in the process control industry; individual 3-way pi... Add to My Library
Condensate Drain Valve Assemblies
Mfg: ASCO Valve Published: Version: V7651R2 8 pages
4 Condensate Drain Valve Assemblies ... Compressed air is used extensively in manufacturing and other processes to power various pneumatic equipment. ... When air is compressed, the temperature can typically rise to over 400˚F. As the air in the system begins to cool, condensate is formed. ... Th... Add to My Library
Redundant Control System
Mfg: ASCO Valve Published: 2009 Version: V7363 R5 8 pages
The Redundant Control System (RCS) is the only pilot valve system that has no single point of failure that could result in an unwanted closure of the process valve. ... The Redundant Control System is fit for use in SIL 3 applica-tions with a spurious trip rate that is lower than ... Tri-Modular ... Add to My Library