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Rosemount Comprehensive Catalog
Mfg: Emerson Process Mgmt Published: 2011 Version: 00805-0100-1025 Rev HA 1469 pages
We continue to strive and build products to your specifications and are committed to meeting your delivery requirements, even in an emergency situation. Rosemount products are manufactured or assembled in ISO 9001 certified facilities in locations around the globe. Cleaning for less than 1PPM chlorine/fluorine ) should be selected for best delivery. Add to My Library
Bettis TorqPlus Valve Actuators
Mfg: Emerson Process Mgmt Published: 2002 Version: 10.10 rev02/02 35 pages
Corporation has been recognized worldwide for providing industry with high performance pneumatic and hydraulic valve actuators. TorqPlus actuators are available in a wide range of output torques and operat-ing speeds to fit your specific requirements. Most electric actuators in use today are designed to meet a range of torque and speed requirements for use in industrial applications. Add to My Library
Daniel Liquid Pipeline Surge Relief
Mfg: Emerson Process Mgmt Published: 2007 Version: DAN-LIQ-TG0407 20 pages
In many applications, such as pipelines, storage terminals and marine loading and unloading, it is necessary to include surge relief systems for the purpose of equipment and personnel protection. Surge pressures result from a sudden change in fluid velocity and, without surge relief, these surge pressures can damage pipes, other piping components, equipment and personnel. Add to My Library
Bettis BHH and BL Hydraulic Actuators
Mfg: Emerson Process Mgmt Published: 2008 Version: 130.10 v2 12 pages
Compact and concentric, the proven design pro-vides space savings and reliability. Using the multiple helical spline engagement with reciprocal splines on the piston, the high torque output is constant throughout the 90 degree rota-tions. Converts hydraulic energy into rotation, with torque output proportional to the supply pressure. Add to My Library
Bettis Valve Automation Solutions
Mfg: Emerson Process Mgmt Published: 2011 Version: 6P.BSG.US 6 pages
Bettis’ broad range includes quarter-turn scotch yoke, rack and pinion, electric, linear and helical spline options. Bettis actuators can be powered by compressed gas, hydraulics or electricity to satisfy a vast range of automation requirements. Bettis is a leading brand in the broad offering of Emerson Process Management Add to My Library
Bettis CBA-300 Pneumatic Actuators
Mfg: Emerson Process Mgmt Published: 2011 Version: 6P.CBA300.US 6 pages
Improved design - compact, lightweight to suit all applications and environment Proc2ss MIIrwgement Bettis is the global leader in valve automation, providing reliable solutions for the most demanding service in the process industry. The CBA-300 actuators combine the strength of scotch-yoke actuation with design innovations for cost efficiency and performance effectiveness. Add to My Library
Bettis Multiport Flow Selector
Mfg: Emerson Process Mgmt Published: 2010 Version: 6P.MFS.US 6 pages
Emerson Process Management – Valve Automation provides a broad product offering of automation and control solutions for the oil and gas industry. For more than 55 years, hydrocarbon producers have relied upon the Bettis product brand as an added assurance of safety, reliability and performance. Bettis innovations have set the brand apart and provided our clients with savings in both time and money. Add to My Library