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Professional Heat Tools
Mfg: Steinel Published: 2011 Version: L-99205 52 pages
State-of-the art technology for precision, control and long life ... STEINEL is a global organization dedicated to the development of cutting-edge technology for the delivery of controlled heat. ... Discriminating professionals worldwide have come to expect the superior performance, reliability a... Add to My Library
Titebond HiPurformer Bonding System
Mfg: Steinel Published: 2004 Version: FF663 8/04 VC 2 pages
What makes HiPURformer™ polyurethane hot melt adhesive stronger than conventional hot melts? ... HiPURformer™ polyurethane hot melts form an initial bond immediately upon cooling, similar to conventional hot melts. ... Additionally, PUR’s offer a second phase where the adhesive reacts with moistu... Add to My Library
UltraHeat General Purpose Heat Tools
Mfg: Steinel Published: 2008 Version: L-99208 2 pages
Self-Cooling Output Tube ... Tube de Sortie Auto-Refroidissant ... Tubo de Salida se Enfría Solo ... Lightweight yet Rugged Construction ... Construction Légère mais Robuste ... Liviana de Fabricación Resistente ... PN 07715 ... PN 07725 ... PN 07705 ... Item No: 34075 ... Temperature Range: 750°... Add to My Library