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Mfg: Condor Ltg Published: 2002 Version: Basic Source 52 pages
A new level of alabaster fixture design, Antique Treasures are reproductions inspired by motifs from the Art Deco, the Italian Renaissance and French Chinoiserie periods. ... These large-scale fixtures feature a unique type of alabaster, which we call Baroque. ... Baroque alabaster is a deep beig... Add to My Library
The Millennium Collection
Mfg: Condor Ltg Published: 1999 Version: Basic Source 28 pages
The creation of a CONDOR LIGHTING original begins with a design, a palette of glass colors and a glass artisan. ... Our sources are international - Italy, northern California, and beyond. ... Each piece of glass, whether mouth-blown, slumped, fused or hand-formed, is unique. ... Small air bubbles... Add to My Library
Alument Hand-Crafted
Mfg: Condor Ltg Published: 2006 Version: 3-2006 16 pages
A-lu-ment (al´-–u-ment), n. ... The product of an artisanal process that combines hand-applied colorants between layers of acrylic which are then heated to create random patterns and colorations. ... ALUMENT™is created in California by skilled craftsmen. ... Through an innovative process, these a... Add to My Library
Lument Supplement
Mfg: Condor Ltg Published: 2007 Version: 4-1-2007 2 pages
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