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Power Disruption Solutions
Mfg: Bryant Published: 2010 Version: BPB100 12 pages
Adverse weather conditions have the potential to create numerous challenges in power distribution. Bryant offers power delivery solutions designed to overcome these challenges, despite the environmental conditions. Portable and Protective Power Solutions At any time, during any season, natural disasters or foul weather can disrupt Add to My Library
Metal Raceway
Mfg: Bryant Published: 2012 Version: BPB106R12 12 pages
HBL5701C coupling furnished with each length. Single gang box base has two ½ in. trade size KOs. Two gang box base has a rectangular KO and concentric ½ in. Three through six gang box bases have one ½ in. Single gang box base has two ½ in. trade size KOs. Two gang box base has a rectangular KO and concentric ½ in. Add to My Library
Tamper Resistant Receptacles
Mfg: Bryant Published: 2010 Version: BPB107 8 pages
The tamper-resistant code requirement is all about safety. Approximately 2,400 children per year suffer electrical outlet related injuries. For years, the design and use of tamper-resistant receptacles has been proven effective in pediatric areas and hospital installations nationwide. It makes sense to have them in homes as well. Add to My Library
Watertight Wiring Devices
Mfg: Bryant Published: 2010 Version: BLBWT001 8 pages
The tongue and groove seal maximizes integrity against the elements. Description For use with 15A/20A straight blade or 15A locking receptacle; receptacle not included For use with 20A locking receptacle; receptacle not included For use with 30A locking receptacle**; receptacle not included Portable outlet box with (2) duplex cover plates Add to My Library
Cam Type Devices and Power Distribution Boxes
Mfg: Bryant Published: 2011 Version: BLBSP001 8 pages
Bryant offers a complete line of high quality, Cam-Type plugs, receptacles and accessories. The Bryant Cam-Type device line is rated for 600 volts AC and 250 volts Cam-Type devices are the right choice for supplying temporary electrical power distribution for convention centers, entertainment, theme parks, carnival equipment, concerts, movie making, and numerous other applications requiring temporary power. Add to My Library
Safety Evaluation
Mfg: Bryant Published: 2010 Version: BST100B 8 pages
A step-by-step checklist to help identify potential problems. Evaluation Checklist The Bryant wiring device safety evaluation checklist is an excellent tool to add value by working with your customer to ensure a safe workplace. Additionally, it enables you to give evidence to its promise to “deliver solutions”. Add to My Library
CircuitPro Self-Test Ground Fault
Mfg: Bryant Published: 2010 Version: BPB102 4 pages
History Historically, GFCI receptacles have relied entirely on the user to verify the protection capability of the unit. Users are required to press the “test & reset” button to confirm that the product is functioning correctly. The timing of this test, as recommended by manufacturers and agencies such as UL & CSA, is a minimum of one time per month. Add to My Library
Device Charging Centers
Mfg: Bryant Published: 2014 Version: BLBSB002 4 pages
USB and electrical power in a standard single gang opening. Designed to provide maximum charging for portable electronics, the USB ports are capable of charging two tablets simultaneously. The USB 4 Port Charger Outlet features a USB port door, which when open enables power. When closed, all power is switched off. Add to My Library
Electric Cord and Cable Reels
Mfg: Bryant Published: 2011 Version: BLBR001 4 pages
UL Type 4X enclosure rating protects spring motor, junction box, slip ring assembly and Adjustable, multi-position guide with nylon rollers may be mounted in four different Note: All weatherproof cable reels are supplied with wire leads and ¾" N.P.T. hub feed. Power supply cable not supplied. Multi-position arm guide mounts to the ceiling, wall, floor or bench Add to My Library
Quick Tech Duplex Receptacles
Mfg: Bryant Published: 2010 Version: BPB105 4 pages
Bryant’s Quick-Tech connectorized receptacles provide an amazingly quick and simple wiring method. Quick-Tech allows you to save up to The installation savings comes from the Quick-Tech terminal with its pre-cut and pre-stripped factory terminated leads. This installs at the rough-in stage of the project just like regular pigtails. Add to My Library
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