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Energy Advantage and EcoVantage Halogen Lamps
Mfg: Philips Published: 2012 Version: P-6137 32 pages
Philips is driving the switch to energy-efficient solutions, and shaping the future with exciting new lighting applications and technologies. ... More than that, we care about your success. ... Getting it right means relying on a leader in quality product design with a solid track record. ... Vis... Add to My Library
Gardco 300 Line Cylinders
Mfg: Philips Published: 2007 Version: 79103-22.0707 32 pages
This is the Gardco cylinder.In almost every aspect of lighting performance, construction and versatility, it promises to change where and how you apply this classic architectural form.These are luminaires that are at home indoors and out.Conventional symmetric optics offer high-performance illumi... Add to My Library
Gardco 94 Line Recessed Step and Aisle Ltg
Mfg: Philips Published: 2007 Version: 79103-21.0607 32 pages
The Gardco 94 Line is an altogether fresh approach to the once utilitarian world of low-level lighting. ... By introducing new thinking, new looks and an entirely new level of nighttime illumination, Gardco has reinvented and rejuvenated step and aisle lighting. ... These architecturally styled, ... Add to My Library
Gardco Round Form Area Lighting
Mfg: Philips Published: 2007 Version: 79103-2.0307 32 pages
Gardco Form Ten Round luminaires are a natural complement to their classic rectilinear counterparts. ... Architecturally, the series lends itself not only to a range of building motifs, but provides the designer wide latitude in addressing different mounting height requirements. ... Elegant Hardt... Add to My Library
Outdoor Lighting Controls and Solutions
Mfg: Philips Published: 2014 Version: PLt-1448BR 32 pages
Philips stand-alone and connected outdoor lighting solutions, ready to suit your needs ... Public and private sectors are demanding more from outdoor lighting installations. ... Safety is paramount, yet budget restrictions and environmentally sustainable goals cannot be overlooked. ... Flexibilit... Add to My Library
Lighting Intro
Mfg: Philips Published: 2009 Version: February 31 pages
the medium wattage lighting system that gives superior, longer-lasting white light for both indoor and outdoor use. ... Crisp, white light with excellent ... driver means lower energy consumption and therefore reduced CO2 emissions - without compromising on light quality. ... conventional HPI and... Add to My Library
eW Burst Powercore Exterior
Mfg: Philips Published: 2011 Version: DAS-000032-00 R03 28 pages
High-output, exterior white spotlight for accent and site lighting eW Burst Powercore ... High-output, exterior white spotlight for accent and site lighting ... eW Burst Powercore is a high-output, exterior-rated LED lighting fixture designed for accent and site ... lighting. ... Architectural an... Add to My Library
Gardco Square Form Area Lighting
Mfg: Philips Published: 2007 Version: 79103-1.0707 28 pages
A quarter century ago, Gardco reinvented the theory and practice of outdoor lighting with a luminaire and optical assembly that dramatically improved visibility in the nighttime environment. ... By day, the Form Ten was the first architecturally significant design available to the lighting plan d... Add to My Library
Gardco Form Ten Specifiers Catalog
Mfg: Philips Published: 1983 Version: GAR 5206/5-83 28 pages
Good nighttime visibility depends on control of glare and efficient and uniform distribution of light. ... Gardco's patented segmented optical system sets the standard for outdoor luminaires. ... Five different optical systems provide unmatched flexibility in tailoring site-confined lighting plans. Add to My Library
Master LED Lamps
Mfg: Philips Published: 2012 Version: May 2012 28 pages
How do professional end users appreciate Philips LED lamps? ... Together with TNS Infratest Philips investigated customer experiences in various countries in Europe. ... Here is a summary of the results including customer quotes: ... Best Product ... Superior light and product quality: “Philips L... Add to My Library
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