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Carlon Rigid Nonmetallic Conduit, Fittings & Accessories
Mfg: Carlon Published: 1997 Version: 2B10 5M Rev. 11/97 AP 28 pages
Specify only Carlon conduits and fittings to insure raceway system integrity. ... Conduit section to be bent must be heated evenly over the entire length of the curve. ... 2" and Larger Diameters — Larger sizes of conduits and ducts require internal support to prevent "crimping" or deforming ... Add to My Library
Flexible Liquidtight Conduit Catalog
Mfg: AFC Cable Published: Version: Catalog 60 pages
LFMC conduits and you’ll find surface finishes and flexibility coupled with durable ... LIQUID-TUFF™ Hi-Low Liquidtight Flexible Steel Conduit designed for use as a raceway for power, control and communication cables in ... Conduit shall meet all of the performance requirements outlined in Add to My Library
Wiring Ducts
Mfg: ABB Published: 2002 Version: 1SLC811001B0202 10 pages
ABB wiring ducts solve every electrical switchboard and distribution switchboard wiring problem in one stroke. ... with plastic rivets, cable retainers, wiring duct bases and label tags, form a ... diameters of 18 and 23 mm (for 16 mm and 20 mm conduits). The ducts are made of a rigid self- ... Add to My Library
Electrical Components and Products
Mfg: Thomas & Betts Published: Version: GM-101 686 pages
As new raceways have been introduced, Thomas & Betts engineers have designed fittings that meet ... Conduit: 1⁄2" thru 6" threaded or threadless rigid/IMC ... grounding of single or multiple metal conduits, or positive bonding and grounding of metal conduit to the box, enclosure or auxiliary ... Add to My Library
Underbridge Conduit Support & Bore Spacer Conduit in Casing Systems
Mfg: Condux Published: 2009 Version: CAT09-ETO 20 pages
If the two conduits are the same, the connection can be made with a sleeve coupling or slip coupling. ... CONDUIT DEPTH: ... NOTE: Condux Bore Spacers are not intended for use with steel conduit. Number of Ducts Minimum Duct Separation (if required) Grout (if required) Casters (if required) ... Add to My Library
Ducted Systems
Mfg: Draka Published: 2006 Version: 2006 Catalog 4 pages
Rugged, economical Tamaqua® duct and ducted cables (also called cable-in-conduit, or CIC) are designed to offer ... For NEC and non-NEC applications, our ducts have been subjected to requirements detailed in ... in higher pulling tensions than traditional PE ducting so as to stand up to the ... Add to My Library
Fiberglass Duct Catalog
Mfg: Champion Published: 2012 Version: CD-1012 68 pages
Today this conduit system has been integrated into the CHAMPION DUCT® system and is UL and ... In 2008, CHAMPION HAZ DUCT® (XW Type fiberglass conduit) was allowed for use in Class I Div 2 ... Note: Reference Duct Catalog, page 8 for conduit selection, pages 52-61 for engineering data Add to My Library
Champion Epoxy Fiberglass Conduit & Fittings
Mfg: Champion Published: 1996 Version: CD0998 60 pages
Which Conduit to Install Where 7 Conduit, Interference Joint Conduit, Iron Pipe Size Dimensions (IPS) 8 Conduit, Tubular Dimensions (ID) 9 Fittings 10 ... Conduit, Iron Pipe Size Dimensions (IPS) 26 ... It is an excellent conduit for underground duct banks for waste water treatment and water ... Add to My Library
Steel Conduit
Mfg: Western Tube Published: Version: Catalog 4 pages
WESTERN TUBE & CONDUIT STEEL CONDUIT Steel conduit is recognized as the safest and most protective form of electrical raceway. ... is becoming increasingly popular to identify the uses of certain raceways with color conduit. ... Using steel conduit is the safest approach we can recommend. Add to My Library
Electrical Conduit
Mfg: JM Eagle Published: 2009 Version: JME-10A 20 pages
01 ... JM Eagle™ offers a complete line of Electrical Conduit and Power Duct pipe products which include: Schedule ... JM Eagle™ Electrical Conduit and Power Duct is unaf-fected by electrolytic or ... directly to most existing fixtures and conduits without complicated procedures or adapters. Add to My Library
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