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FVK-FVA Busway Feeder and Plug-in Flex-A-Power
Mfg: GE Published: 1981 Version: GEA-6470E 24 pages
... circuit-breaker type. Flex-A-Power busway led at the job site. with copper conductors ... s fro eral Electric Type AKR power circuit breakers in ratingStandarm d expansion fittings ... Power plug-in busway installation, a wide variety of Flex-A-Plug switch units is available to make tap-offs ... Add to My Library
Definite Purpose Contactors
Mfg: GE Published: 2015 Version: 2.15 DET-833A 8 pages
T wo-speed controllers incorporate a compact, integrated interlock ... Operating Temperature: -25° C to 40° C Power Terminal – P ressure Type: 16-8 AWG, ... Maximum Circuit Breaker Rating Amps 15 ... Refer to Control Catalog GEP-1260 for assembled DP starter, 2-speed contactor version Add to My Library
C-2000 Push Buttons
Mfg: GE Published: 1994 Version: DEP-023 0994 BL 57 pages
Low Power Consumption ... Fully automated manufacturing with 100% on line inspection. ... Power supplies shall be available in full voltage, resistor and transformer forms. ... Slow Fast Start Cycle Start Feed Start Jog Start Stop Stop Cycle Stop Feed Stop Reset IRed) Stop Start Up Down Add to My Library
Small Project Product Selection Guide
Mfg: GE Published: 2014 Version: DET-651A (10/14) 28 pages
Flexibility – kits for main or subfeed breakers, main or feed-thru lugs, 200% neutrals and ... Simplicity – one interior for top or bottom feed, main lug or main breaker ... Power poles latch easily onto the base, designating them as NO or NC is a simple matter of ... 2-wire Control Module Add to My Library
Ferro SCR Retrofit Power Solution
Mfg: GE Published: 2013 Version: Ferro SCR RPS 15 pages
... expertise in batteries, power distribution, DC energy systems, AC-DC power supplies, and ... is the centralized visibility and control component of a comprehensive power management system designed to meet ... architecture enables remote access to system controllers across the power network. Add to My Library
LW Busway Lighting Busway 30-60 Amperes
Mfg: GE Published: 1981 Version: GEA-6743G 24 pages
... make LW the least expensive means of power distribution available for the majority of indoor applications ... Circuit Breaker Tap Boxes—2- or 3-wire—30 ampere—240 V. Two-wire boxes a.re furnished ... LW 30 and 60 ampere phase) distributed load at 80% power factor: busway has a voltage drop ... Add to My Library
Reflective Memory
Mfg: GE Published: 2010 Version: GFA-1283 8 pages
... Memory, a single link can send data to the main computer in the control room, eliminating hundreds of discrete wires spanning the 3,000 meters. ... necessary for a variety of distributed simulation and industrial control applications. ... Control loop had a response time that allowed Add to My Library
General Electric Photographic Lamp and Equip.
Mfg: GE Published: Version: 204-31308 68 pages
uniform light distribution, reduced hot spotting, glare ... General Electric s self-powered Magicube needs no batteries to flash it. ... uniform screen image precision beam control whiter and brighter light ... MR-14 MR-14 MR-14 MR-14 Maximum ... Power Supply to Operate GEMINI and MARC Lamps Add to My Library
PAC8000 SafetyNet SIL 2 Functional Safety
Mfg: GE Published: 2010 Version: GFA-1124B 8 pages
Controllers and I/O modules are designed to be live maintained. ... 85-264VAC and 24Vdc power supplies Supplies power for I/O and controllers Redundant power supply options Mounting options simplify panel ... Power supply monitor alerts controller when a power supply fails Add to My Library
Miniature and Sealed Beam Lamp Catalog
Mfg: GE Published: 1992 Version: 208-21121 60 pages
Most are designed for operation on low-voltage power sources such as battery-generator systems, dry cell or storage ... The power consumption (watts) or current rating (amps) at the design voltage is ... average life is that obtained in closely controlled laboratory test ing of lamps at ... Add to My Library
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