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Gardco Circa Area Lighting
Mfg: Philips Published: 2006 Version: 79103-25.0107 24 pages
Circa makes an understated, refined statement that reflects well on the architecture it graces. ... Circa post top, pole mounted and companion sconce luminaire surfaces are rhythmically sculpted – eased and tapered so that wind and weather slip past. ... The daytime form virtually disappears at a... Add to My Library
Gardco Floodlighting Applications Guide
Mfg: Philips Published: 2006 Version: 79107-6.0306 24 pages
The Gardco simple 4-step design facilitates quick optical system/lamp selection, precise setback determination, and recommended luminaire spacings. ... DETERMINE OPTICAL SYSTEM AND APPLICATION PAGE ... Specify the application and general parameters for the setback (or mounting height). ... Then u... Add to My Library
Gardco Focus One Specifiers Catalog
Mfg: Philips Published: 1986 Version: 5258/1-86 24 pages
Focus One presents concepts and detailing designers welcome and exploit. ... A master ordering matrix is included. ... Gardco's other interior products include optical systems are contained in a energy-efficient HID task/ambient lumi separate binder naires in pendant and freestanding styles. ... ... Add to My Library
Gardco Outdoor-Indoor Lighting Selector
Mfg: Philips Published: 1984 Version: GAR-5612/9-84/50 24 pages
-—.. ... The combination of six optical systems and four mounting configuration provides unmatched flexibility in economically meeting the complex lighting requirements of indoor parking facilities. ... Form Ten Round and Semi-Sphere Arm and Wall Mount 10-11 The softer shapes of these sharp cut-o... Add to My Library
Gardco PureForm Specification Grade
Mfg: Philips Published: 2012 Version: G100-029.0412 24 pages
Over 50 years ago, Gardco Lighting changed the lighting industry with the introduction of the world's first cutoff outdoor luminaire. ... Utilizing faceted optics and intelligent construction features, the Form Ten product line set the standard for what an outdoor luminaire should be. ... The dri... Add to My Library
Guide to Incandescent Lamps
Mfg: Philips Published: 1986 Version: P-1256 24 pages
When lit, this lamtiop to ensure consistent quality n provided a mere three lumens per wattlam ipn during operation. , the 50 watt rating. ... Take thself-madh e machinery provided e hig voltage 40 watt lamp, for examplei.n I control systems. ... The Filament An incandescent lamp producesnes ligh... Add to My Library
Healthcare Lighting
Mfg: Philips Published: 1992 Version: P-3367 24 pages
Fortunately, there are a wide variety of ... lamps available which can fulfill the unique requirements of each individual area within the facility. ... High efficacy, long life and excellent color are ... Task or supplemental lighting can be provided by incandescent and tungsten Halogen lamps suc... Add to My Library
Silhouette Fluorescent Lamp Guide
Mfg: Philips Published: 2001 Version: P-5296-A 24 pages
Philips Lighting has transformed the T8 fluorescent lamp, today’s standard, into a slimmer, sleeker, more flexible lamp…the SILHOUETTE T5 offers design flexibility and new aesthetic possibilities… ... Better fit in 2 x 2 and 2 x 4 grid ceilings; Easier relamping ... Both T5 Linear and Circular la... Add to My Library
Color Kinetics Illumination Gallery Vol 2
Mfg: Philips Published: 2010 Version: 000049-00 Vol 2 23 pages
We want residents to experience the house as a natural and rewarding part of daily life.” ... To create a feeling of transparency, the architectural firm Aarhus Arkitekterne sheathed the building in glass, and integrated dynamic, full-color lighting into the façade. ... After sunset, 242 strands ... Add to My Library
Color Kinetics Illumination Gallery
Mfg: Philips Published: 2009 Version: Volume 1 23 pages
All other marks are property of their respective owners. ... The LED lighting systems that are featured were, with minor exceptions, supplied by Philips Solid-State ... Lighting products of other companies may be included in photos of installations featured in this brochure. ... Due to continuous... Add to My Library
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