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Projection Lamp Catalog
Mfg: GE Published: 1993 Version: 204-01016 91 pages
... abbreviations are used in the spectral distribution does not conform to that of lamp ... MR-13Q 2-Pin MR-16 Q 2-Pin MR-11 MR-11 ... uniform screen image precision beam control whiter and brighter light ... MR-11 Faceted Dichroic Reflector, 1%" (35mm) Diameter, 1%" (35mm) Max. Overall Length. Add to My Library
Residential Electronic Circuit Interrupters
Mfg: GE Published: 2015 Version: DET-838 0115 8 pages
GFCI circuit breakers accomplish this by detecting when current is “leaking” somewhere outside ... O nly the pigtail on the breaker has to be connected to energize the breaker – as with our competition. ... fault, it almost instantaneously shuts off power, helping to prevent an electrical ... Add to My Library
Miniature and Sealed Beam Lamp
Mfg: GE Published: 2003 Version: March 50 pages
... designed for operation on low-voltage power sources such as battery-generator systems, ... : Rated average life is that obtained in closely controlled laboratory testing of lamps at their design voltage. ... not permit these many test points to be included in the light distribution column. Add to My Library
Mission Critical Power and Cooling Solutions
Mfg: GE Published: 2012 Version: GFA-1714A 8 pages
Starting from the moment we engage with your project to its successful comple-tion and ... power solutions deliver robust backup power control with seamless connectivity and automated real-time information management to ... controllers provide powerful CPUs and high-bandwidth backplanes. Add to My Library
Communications Solutions
Mfg: GE Published: 2010 Version: GFA-1259A 8 pages
... it will be used – Telecom, Datacom, Enterprise, Automation, and Government/Defense. ... Controllers, Secure IP Access, Network Address Translation, Traffic Management ... tightly timed performance necessary for a variety of distributed simulation, training and process control applications. Add to My Library
Control Solutions
Mfg: GE Published: 2010 Version: GFA-231H 8 pages
solutions Power and Flexibility to Meet Your Automation Challenges Delivering on Your Need to ... monitoring of your systems. Complex Control Powerful, Flexible Control Systems for Demanding Applications ... control, and access control capabilities. A Complete Range of Control Simple Control Add to My Library
Proficy Machine Edition
Mfg: GE Published: 2010 Version: GFA-945 8 pages
Comprehensive. And Powerful. With Proficy Machine Edition, you get the ultimate ... View Control One Development Tool for ... Machine Edition automation software, you can simplify your efforts and reduce costs by leveraging ... Central storage, version control and access control capabilities Add to My Library
Projection Lamps
Mfg: GE Published: 2004 Version: MR16 2 pages
High light-generating efficacy to help minimise power consumption and heat generation. ... Multi-Mirror®Quartzline®Projection lamps MR-16 Faceted Dichroic Reflector 30 10.8 EKZ – 50 13.8 DJT – ... 8mm projection ... Data in this guide has been obtained in controlled experimental conditions. Add to My Library
Quick Panel View
Mfg: GE Published: 2012 Version: GFA-1063C 8 pages
Automation Controllers, many I/O, where you need integrated control. ... Gasket for 15 Inch QuickPanel View and Control Mounting Clips and Power Connector for 6 Inch QuickPanel View and Control Mounting Clips and Power Connector for 8 Inch QuickPanel View and Control Mounting Clips and Power ... Add to My Library
Cinema Fluorescent
Mfg: GE Published: 2007 Version: #81571 2 pages
Linear Cinema 5500º Kelvin Daylight ... If brightness control through dimming is desired, be sure to specify ballasts designed for dimmability. ... Final match is done using Minolta IIIf meter as a gage for determining filtering needs which become the effective color specification limits. Add to My Library
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